The AI Rabbit Hole

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AI is becoming “Curiouser and curiouser!” Dive into the AI Rabbit Hole together with the industry leaders - Founders, Builders, Investors, Corporate Leaders and Researchers.

March 28th

Hackathon at AGI HouseTarget -
150-200 AI Builders to tackle the next leap of Computer Vision

March 29th

Conference in San Francisco
500 Founders, Developers, VCs, and Corporate Executives

March 29th evening

VIP After Party at AGI House

↳ our Speakers

Aravind Srinivas

Co-founder and CEO at

Tom Ivory

Senior Partner Global Automation at IBM

Marina Davidova

Co-founder at DVC

Nick Davidov

Co-founder at DVC

AI Frontier: Harnessing Practical Applications with AGI House and Global Innovators

Co-organized by AGI House team, ~100-150 hackers with mentors and tracks from partners. Focusing on practical applications of AI.

AI Evolution Summit: Navigating Growth, Innovation, and Impact from Incubation to Exit

Co-Pilots and AI Agents (BabyAGI, Langchain, DVC.AI)
Acceleration and Incubation
Fundraising early stage
Fundraising series A-BM&A (exit strategies)
B2B Client side (consultants, integrators)
AI Sales ToolsConsumer panel (B2C founders)
Infrastructure (NVIDIA, Google Cloud, Azure)
Cybersecurity (IDRND and others)
Use Cases Ethics
Hackathon top teams and startups pitch session and award ceremony

From Foundational Models to AI Agents and Video Innovation

Foundational modelsLLMs: GPT4, Llama2, BardLLMOps: NVIDIA
System Integration: IBM
Building AI Agents
AI For Video: pika labs, moon valley, runway
OpenAI/Llama2/Gemini workshop