AI Conference

San Francisco

Apr 19th, 2024

AI is becoming “Curiouser and curiouser!”

Dive into the AI Rabbit Hole together with the industry leaders: 500+ founders, builders, investors, corporate leaders and researchers.

April 13th

Hackathon at AGI House
150-200 AI builders

April 19th

Conference in San Francisco
500 founders, developers, VCs, and corporate executives

April 19th, evening

VIP After Party

↳ our Speakers

May Habib

CEO of

Aravind Srinivas

Co-founder and CEO at Perplexity

Vinod Khosla

Founder and Managing Director at Khosla Ventures

Matei Zaharia

CTO and Cofounder at Databricks

Ann Bordetsky

Partner at NEA

Bill Peebles

Sora Co-Lead, OpenAI

Tim Brooks

Sora Co-Lead, OpenAI

Tim Westergren

Co-Founder HelloCreator & Founder, former CEO Pandora

Ron Diamant

Sr. Principal, ML Engineering, Annapurna Labs

Jacob Solawetz

Co-founder & CTO, Arcee

Ganapathi Krishnamoorthi

Principal AI/ML Solutions Architect, AWS

Simon Suo

Co-founder & CTO, LlamaIndex

Shreyas Subramanian, PhD

Principal Data Scientist, AWS

Nitish Kulkarni

Co-founder and CEO, Radiant AI

Carmen Simon, Ph. D

Chief Science Officer, Corporate Visions

Mike Maples, Jr

Co-Founder and Partner at Floodgate

Andrey Pachikin

Product Director at

Yohei Nakajima

GP at Untapped Capital creator of BabyAGI

Bhaskar Ghosh

Partner at 8VC

Vivek Sodera

Founder at Superhuman and Supercharge VC

Matt Marshall  

Founder, VentureBeat

Charles Ferguson

Filmmaker and Angel Investor, Partner at DVC

Elena Lenena

AI Global Product Lead at Google

Josh Payne

Founder at Coframe

Marina Davidova

Co-founder at DVC

Dave Deriso

CEO of and former HCI lecturer at Stanford

Dan Lesovodski

VP of AI at Data Monsters

Ron Bodkin

Co-founder and CEO at ChainML

Jeff Fluhr

Co-founder & Partner at Craft Ventures

Eugenio Gonzalez

Partner at Plug and Play Ventures

Olga Megorskaya

Founder and CEO at Toloka

Nick Davidov

Co-founder at DVC

Alex Mashrabov

Founder at

Jeremiah Owyang

General Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures

Lisa Yu

Partner at 99VC

Bryan Kim

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Josh Constine

Venture Partner for consumer at SignalFire

Astasia Myers

General Partner at Felicis

Paras Jain

CEO of Genmo AI

Ilya Strebulaev

Professor at Stanford

Lukas Biewald

CEO at Weights & Biases

Anna Tong

Technology Correspondent, Reuters

Matt Caspari

Managing Partner, Alumni Ventures

Krishna Gade

Founder & CEO at Fiddler AI

Bill Sun

Founder of Generative Alpha

Raghu Banda

Sr. Director, Al Product Management at
SAP Labs

Alexandr Yarats (remotely)

Head of Search at Perplexity


Breakout Sessions (dedicated breakout room)

12:20 PM -1:20 PM

  • AWS Breakout Session One: Democratizing and Revolutionizing LLMs with Arcee and AWS Trainium - Speakers: Jacob Solawetz and Ganapathi Krishnamoorthi

2:00 PM -3:00 PM

  • AWS Breakout Session Two: Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation patterns with AWS Bedrock and LlamaIndex - Speakers: Simon Suo and Shreyas Subramanian

Main Stage

8:00 AM

  • Doors open, breakfast, coffee, networking

9:00 AM

  • Opening word - Organizers and AWS, official cloud partner

9:10 AM

  • Making knowledge universally accessible - Aravind Srinivas

9:25 AM

  • Compound AI systems - Matei Zaharia

9:40 AM

  • Plot Your Path: Navigating the AI Tech Landscape - Jeremiah Owyang

9:55 AM

  • Self optimizing systems - Josh Payne, Matt Huang, Bill Sun, Michael LaFramboise

10:14 AM

  • Closed vs Open Source - Ron Bodkin, Lukas Biewald, Elena Lenena, Krishna Gade

10:40 AM

  • The future of autonomous agents- Yohei Nakajima

10:50 AM

  • AI impact on the future of Enterprise - May Habib, Anna Tong

11:10am -11:30am

  • coffee break and networking

11:30 AM

  • AWS Purpose Built Accelerators for Machine Learning - Ron Diamant

11:50 AM

  • Sora Creators Spotlight Talk - Bill Peebles and Tim Brooks

12:15 PM

  • Unleashing human creativity with AI-generated videos - Ann Bodetsky and Paras Jain

12:35 PM

  • Video Generative AI for social media- Alex Mashrabov

12:45 PM

  • Is AI Competent Enough to Coach? - Carmen Simon, Ph.D.

12:55 PM

  • To square the circle: insights after talking to 250+ ML practitioners - Andrey Pachikin

1:15 PM

  • Forging Tomorrow's Data: The Evolution of AI Training Datasets - Olga Megorskaya

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

  • Lunch and networking

2:00 PM

  • AI Solutions Enterprise needs - Raghu Banda, Dan Lesovodski, Nitish Kulkarni, Matt Huang

2:30 PM

  • Corporations and Policies - Charles Ferguson

2:40 PM

  • The Future of Consumer AI - Bryan Kim and Josh Constine

3:05 PM

  • A path to AI Utopia - Vinod Khosla and Matt Marshall

3:40 PM

  • Changing Venture Capital Landscape - Jeff Fluhr, Matt Caspari, Nick Davidov, Lisa Yu

4:10 PM

  • Power from inflection, differentiation from insight - Mike Maples, Jr., Jr., Ilya Strebulaev

4:30 PM

  • Investing in AI B2B software - Bhaskar Ghosh, Eugenio Gonzalez, Astasia Myers, Vivek Sodera

5:00 PM

  • The founding journey of Pandora - Tim Westergren, Nick Davidov

5:20 PM

  • The future of search - Alexandr Yarats (remotely)

5:30 PM

  • AI and Consumer Hardware - Dave Deriso

5:40 PM

  • Restoring trust in the digital age - Marina Davidova

7:00pm - 10:00pm

  • Secret Afterparty for speakers, sponsors and VIPs

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Convene SF

40 O'Farrell, San Francisco,
CA 94108


Total Capacity: 669
Theater capacity: 504

Apr 13th, 11am

AI Wonderland hackathon
at AGI House

Navigating Midmarket & Enterprise AI Transformation

↳ Hackathon Sponsors

↳ hackathon Judges

Margarita Geleta

Researcher at BAIR/Stanford, ex-Amazon

Vladimir Karyshev

Sigma.AI, serial entrepreneur

Alexandr Yarats

Head of Search at Perplexity

Uliana Kudrina

Product Manager at Scentbird

Eugene Yao

CEO at

Valentin Vasilevskiy

Founder at Business Booster

↳ Program Committee

Marina Davidova

Co-founder and Partner at DVC

Margarita Geleta

Researcher at BAIR/Stanford, ex-Amazon

Nick Davidov

Co-founder and Partner at DVC

Michael LaFramboise

PhD EECS, Founder, ex-Amazon

Kuzma Frost

Founder at

Vladimir Karyshev

Sigma.AI, serial entrepreneur

Elena Malyanova

IR and Community manager at DVC

Matt Huang

Co-founder at Cofactory

↳ Organizers

↳ Community Partners